Summer, 2011

“Y’all Get Back Now,” is Big Freedia’s new single. It’s New Orleans “bounce music” and it’s thumpin’ the dance floors across America. This NOLA musician was born Freddie Ross but as Big Freedia, she–Ross identifies as a belle–is a strict dancehall mistress. Big Freedia’s not like a traditional hip-hop m.c., she’s mo’ Jazzercise than Jay-Z. Chug some coffee and some black-bottom pie, then roll up the rug and do what she tells ya: “Bounce it to the floor.” “Tune it up.” “Dribble it, y’all.”  That Southernness is introducing our devotees to Big Freedia may have some hittin’ the swoonin’ couch but it’s definitely gonna add fun this season. Backfield in motion. Don’t make Big Freedia have to penalize you. Let’s bounce again like we did last summer, Honeychilde.

Y’all be y’all,

Ben South


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